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Our series of classic period lighting have been inspired by well made and well designed old fixtures. Because we have faithfully captured the look and the charm of the period lights they are sure to be perfect for an older home or will bring that charm to new construction. All of our fixtures contain a large element of hand-work and some of the series are entirely hand-crafted. These high standards of workmanship combined with the finest quality materials create a beautiful light that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Our collection of shades range from an assortment of period originals remanufactured with the quality and craftmanship of their predecessors. Slight irregularities should not be considered as a defect as most shades are hand blown. Be sure to view the fitter size to make sure of a perfect fit befo ...
100 - The Aladdin Series 100 - The Aladdin Series
The Aladdin series is made up of fixtures typically used from the turn of the century until the 1930s. Sturdily and compactly constructed they were used in every room of the home.
200 - The Traditional Series 200 - The Traditional Series
The Traditional series are of early electric design dating from the turn of the century. These clean, simple, no nonsense fixtures are ideal for period or modern settings.
300 - The Sheffield Series 300 - The Sheffield Series
The Sheffield series has a traditional look mixed with subtle curves and makes it a perfect series for any style home.
400 - The Chateau Series 400 - The Chateau Series
This series has a simple yet elegant style, perfect for a manor house, country cottage, or your colonial home.
500 - The Bedford Series 500 - The Bedford Series
The Bedford series is primarily made up of medium to large bowl fixtures featuring stunning cast glass. These fixtures are perfect for primary rooms including living rooms, dining areas, halls and bedrooms. The Bedford series would add style and elegance to any home.
600 - The Shelbourne 600 - The Shelbourne
The Shelbourne series are an assortment of fine cast metal fixtures, sconces, and outdoor fixtures reminiscent of the 1910's to 1930's.
700 - The Art Deco Series 700 - The Art Deco Series
This series is based on the Art Decorative with flowing motifs, geometric design, and an elegant style of sophistication.
800 - The Franciscan 800 - The Franciscan
The Franciscan series is a unique selection of hand hammered copper fixtures. These distinct figures resemble a medieval monk from the Franciscan Order and are available on select fixtures. Also see matching doorbell Model #608.
900 - The Craftsman 900 - The Craftsman
The Craftsman series features handcrafted copper fixtures with traditional art glass made by Wissmach Glass of West Virginia. The variation of color and density in this glass adds to its beauty.
1000 - The Wakefield 1000 - The Wakefield
The Wakefield series features the mission style with clean rectiliniar design and a classic look that would suit any style home.
1100 - The Classics 1100 - The Classics
Elegant and stylish collection using Reed & Ribbon patterns on wall sconces, flush fixtures and ceiling fixtures.
1200 - Bastion Series 1200 - Bastion Series
A delightful selection of Arts & Crafts and Tudor Rival Wall Sconces & ceiling fixtures.
1300 - The Maycock Series 1300 - The Maycock Series
The Maycock series features handsome Arts and Crafts inspired fixtures. These hand crafted copper fixtures showcase beautiful vaseline glass by the Fenton Art Glass Co.
1400 - The Empress Series 1400 - The Empress Series
The grandeur of these fixtures give their environment a stunning presence.
1500 - Antique Fixtures 1500 - Antique Fixtures
These antiques are fully restored and would give any home a nostalgic glow.
1900 - English Fixtures 1900 - English Fixtures
English Arts & Crafts Style Fixtures & Lanterns.
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